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Brass Lined Hemostats

A Goldfinger branded professional piercing tool for when you just need some tiny fingers to get into tight spaces. These stainless steel hemostat tools are lined with brass to prevent scratching our gold seamless rings. Choose plain smooth brass or our pro notched version.

Plain Smooth Brass - The brass lined jaws are left flat and smooth. Grips gold jewelry without fear of scratching.

Pro Disk Grabber - The jaws are dressed with a notch to evenly grip the disk on the back of an earring post. Works on threaded or threadless fixed back posts commonly used at piercing studios. You can also use them to grip our gold seamless rings without fear of scratching.

Laser mark is laser annealed to maintain surface integrity for sterilization.

Sale price$35.00 USD
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Brass Lined Hemostat
Brass Lined Hemostats Sale price$35.00 USD