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Looking for wholesale?

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround for gold seamless rings. The seams on our rings are the best in the industry. We have developed a method of production and finish to achieve seams that meet perfectly flush with no gaps, nicks, dents, or rounded ends.  An absolute pleasure to work with.  Insert with ease following a taper, a needle, or even just on its own.  And yes, we call them 'seamless', you will too when you see them.

There are 2 steps to get a wholesale account.

First, begin by creating an account here. This will get you a regular retail account with

Then email us at requesting your account to be authorized as wholesale. Please include your legal business name along with a completed PDF of the following resale certificate

Upon approval, we will send you a confirmation email indicating your goldfinger wholesale account has been activated. You will then see wholesale pricing on all wholesale items throughout the store. The prices on the 'retail only' items will remain the same.