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Article: The future is calling.

The future is calling.

The future is calling.

Here we are smack in the middle of 2020! Global pandemic, civil rights movement, and economic depression. This is the year to see clearly. Who will you be when the future comes?

This time is dark and uncertain. We have been forced to reckon with ourselves and those that are in our lives. We must face the facts of what we are living through to be able to get through it. Some have found their shred of comfort burying themselves in conspiracy theories, some have exploded in entitlement, some have turned inward and found a deep love for all things, some have giggled in denial and ran to the beaches, and some have found comfort in their own home. We all have been clinging with a white knuckle grip to whatever that has been, to find comfort. None of it seems to be working as the case numbers and hospitalizations rise on us once again. It is still 2020.

Caught in the fog of fretting of today, I invite you to forward thinking into the future. We are fighting an invisible enemy, but we know what to do to win this. Yet we fret in our fog and wriggle in our tantrums as we continue to focus our aggression upon each other with unwarranted judgement and persecution. This is not a party, this not time for fooling around. Let's get to work on defeating our invisible enemy while we consider what future we want to have.

I am a small business owner. I have been handling this time by focusing on keeping my employees paid, and involved. It has been rough on business owners, having to balance the line of self preservation and panic while scrambling to survive. There are times I feel there will be no end to this with an overwhelming sense the ship is sinking. But then my staff kicks in with some question, need, or comment for me. Suddenly, I realize, the ship is sinking but that doesn't mean we all drown. I dropped some lifeboats in my quest for government funding to keep my staff breathing above water. I watched others business owners just jump ship leaving their crew to whatever may be. This stormy sea is vast! There is no hope for survival going at it alone. Stay with your crew! Together you can paddle out of this storm faster and navigate to land.

This team concept extends to everyone. Now, more than ever, we need to fight this together to get through this sooner than later. Put down your entitlements, its not about just you anymore. Face the facts and do the work. The future is calling, are you brave enough to answer?

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